10 Things To Do To Lose Weight

King lost in the ocean for a weight loss advice? You can lose weight without the right to know the differences, such as diet, South Beach, Sonoma, Atkins, Dukan, the best bet, blood group, the Six healthy diet, and dozens of others. These are eleven simple things to lose weight on a daily basis.

1. Join the small plate movement

have your food on smaller plates and bowls. A three ounce serving of a plate 12 inches seems small, but the same server in a plate 10 inches seems bigger. In April 2005, the study entitled “Super Bowl: serving bowl and food intake,” published in the Journal of American Medical Association, found that when people eat larger leaves, they eat more food. In the study, to train people who have achieved great food bowls 53% more than those who had small bowls.

Second Sleep at least 7 hours per day

The obesity rate in 1960, America was about 12%, a time when people slept an average of 8.5 hours per night. Today, in 2011, obesity is about 30%, and people sleep 6.5 to 7 hours. It is no accident. When you sleep six hours or less before starting your day, your tired body sucks carbohydrate foods or high sugar to replace the energy it is absent.

The doctors at the University of Chicago studied two levels of the hormone, ghrelin and leptin, 12 healthy men watching men’s desires and activities. When men have fewer hours of sleep are decreased levels of leptin and ghrelin increases. Their appetites were significantly higher when 45% growth in demand for carbohydrates and other high-calorie foods. Give your body enough rest to help prevent the desire for these foods.

3. Walking, jogging, biking or running

Regardless of the year (s) you choose, exercise smart instead of hard. Walking reduces the “bad” cholesterol low-density lipoprotein (LDL) while increasing “good” cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL). It lowers blood pressure and may even improve your mood. Jogging, running and cycling exercises are high impact. There is no reason to push you as a triathlete to see the benefits. Start with a few minutes of stretching and then do your chosen exercise at least 3 days a week. Increasing the length of your workouts over time, and the number of days per week you exercise.

4th Eat skinless chicken

The skin has as many calories in a piece of chicken. Did you know that 30% of the skin of the chicken is fat? A small piece of chicken (1 / 8 “x 1.5″ x 2 “) contains 13 calories, half a gram of fat and 2 grams of protein. Remember that the calories in chicken depends upon how it is cooked. Chicken cooked in its own liquid has more calories than the chicken is cooked in a way that allows fluid flow.

5. Eat your favorite, rather than give it up

The awards are an important aspect of the plan. Suffice to say, “No more candy!” It will not help you lose weight. For example, if you’re leaving three junk food or sweets from your diet plan, set aside a day to reward their efforts to eat one of these foods out of your diet. A significant portion will not affect your progress.

6th Avoid coffee cream

Single doses of cream, such as Half & Half, contains 20 calories. Cream table contains even more, about 29 calories. Variety of land contains less calories, cream powder are 16 regular and “light” surrogate is 13 calories. Almost all creams contain 1-2 grams of fat, with the exception of light cream powder, which is about half a gram of fat.

7. Eating spicy foods

According to Penn State Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health, Sheila West, Ph.D., spices of cinnamon, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder, oregano and rosemary metabolic benefit. His team studied six obese, but healthy men aged from 30 to 65 After a week of regular food, another week of spicy alternatives when men insulin levels and triglycerides decreased by 21% and 31% respectively. Although the sample size of participants was small, the results need other researchers to pursue larger studies.

8. Reduce your stress level

Hormones such as adrenaline and CRH, release it when you’re too stressed, decreasing your appetite for a short time. This is known as “fight or flight”, but when stressors are events that you can fight or flee, you eat more. Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., author of “The Cortisol Connection” points out that since we are not physically fight against our way out of danger, we are not releasing the calories we otherwise. Most of the stressors in the 21 nations century, first world, he says, leaves us “to sit and stew in our frustration and anger …” Identify the source (s) of stress and of eliminate or reduce them.

Stop watching the coverage 24 / 7 News of the atrocities in the world. Do not let disagreements become arguments. Take a walking, swimming, running, listening to music, play a game … nothing – except overeating, of course – to reduce your stress level.

9th Pick in real fruit juice

Unlike the chicken skin, which contains 30% fat, poultry, edible fruit leather contains most of the nutrients of the fruit. Among these are:












The majority of these processes effectively remove skin juice, reduce nutrients significantly. As the skin, the pulp is also a good source of fiber, which is essential for good nutrition. Announcements, orange juice, especially, argue that the pasta is added to the juice. All this is true in some cases, the dough should be “added” as it was removed in the juicing process to begin. Whole fruits always contain more nutrients than processed derivatives.

10. Use salads, appetizers

A salad is not only a healthy choice, reduces appetite for calorie-dense meal that follows. Eat all kinds of salad before a meal high in calories, so eating smaller portions of main course. This will help increase their stock of leftovers, you can eat later, or give a relative, friend or a partner.

Dieting should not be a nightmare to eat bland food, treats a gang forever, and become irritable biggest victims. Eat good food, reduce your fat intake, burn some calories, sleep well, and reward yourself with your favorite treats. Dieting can be a fun experience enjoyed alone or shared with friends.

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